Rob Withrow of Brasstown, NC creates face jugs & "fun"tional pottery with his wood fired kiln.


Available for You, your Name or your Logo
Egg Separator
the Sponge Holder
Goblets to drink
wedding favors
feast plates & bowls
piggy bank
Huge Jugs!

Comments on: "Pottery" (7)

  1. jokilmer said:

    Wow! I really dig your stuff!!!

  2. Margaret said:

    I think he says……Wow looks…like it really……is my day!!!!!!!!!! Watched you for years…your smaller pots……set you up for this…….grin…and a lot of hard work………Love…love love each one of these big pots…as a visual artist myself…they speak..volumes. I could instantly give each of them a name…from their…..espression!!…I have a funny story to tell you about seeing you…at Blairsville (Meek’s Park)….once. If you like add me as a friend….

  3. Have a pitcher and coffee mug, love his pottery, need more 🙂

  4. Susanne strouoe said:

    We bought a two toned brown mug with initials ROB on the bottom of the mug….bought it in Bryson City, NC last year…maybe two years ago…has the same markings around the bottom of of mug….also has the thumb circle to place thumb……I have searched for this mug around here(Asheville) and on the Internet. not sure if you are the Rob that made this…could send a picture? We saw this in the rust brown tones and the blue.

  5. Susanne Stroupe said:

    I just found the two tone brown coffee mug I have been searching for on your website…the picture is at the top of this page, but the mug I bought(and want more of)is approx. 5 inches tall. I would love more pictures of the regular coffee mugs you have. The one I bought was in Bryson City…again it looks like your mugs and it is signed ROB on the bottom of the mug.

  6. I would love to purchase some of your face pottery

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